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The Advantage of Scooter

There are many advantages to using a scooter. The many recent advances in technology have resulted in excellent pricing for scooters as well as excellent capabilities. With the increases in gas prices, which have recently been experienced all around the world, there has been a new found interest in the use of scooters.

There are many advantages to using a scooter such as inexpensive maintenance, savings on parking, savings on gas costs, and the ability to maneuver through traffic easily. 

Scooters can be used less expensively than traditional automobiles. Chinese scooters offer an exceptional value and high quality and Buy it from the Leaders in the Industry choose My Scooters and Atvs BBB Accredited Business. 

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New 2014 Models New Body Design!

Our new line of Mad Dog series Scooters!

Our new line of 200cc scooter sports!

Our new line of 200cc Scooters Italian style!

Our new line of heavy duty 49cc Scooters!

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  • BWS150 ARMY $799
  • GT5 50 cc $699
  • Call for Price 
  • Scooter 150cc $799
  • Scooter 150cc $799
  • 49cc Moped $599 
  • Scooter 49cc $499 
  • CY50-A SPECIAL $599
  • 49cc Moped $599 
  • Call for Price
  • Scooter 150cc $749 

  • Bike 49cc $999
  • Scooter 150cc $699      
  • LED lights $899

  • New atm-c $499

  • EVO 50 $799

  • Retro 50 Coming! 

  • Month Special $899
  • In stock now 
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